Psst! Got a minute?

You give me a minute, I'll give you my world.
You give me a minute, I’ll give you my world.

According to this source, the average reader reads about 200 words per minute. I took an online reading speed test that confirmed that I’m about as below average as they get, tallying just 166 words per minute (189 on the retake!).

Why do I care? Besides being quirky about numbers, I’ve decided to start writing blog posts that take about a minute to read. Admit it, this idea appeals to you. No more reading just the headline because the entire article will take too long to read. No more skimming the first few paragraphs, and then thinking you got all the info.

Uh-oh. I’m already halfway to my limit. Better wrap this up quickly.

From now on, posts on this blog will take the average reader about a minute (individual reading results may vary) to read! Given my tendency to get long-winded at the keyboard, about 200 words per post will test my ability to concisely get my point across.

This particular post, obviously, has no point other than to invite you back for a minute of your busy day for something that will inform, entertain and, hopefully, uplift you in the near future.

You’re welcome. See you next time.

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