Did you think ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ wouldn’t survive? Think again!


Season 1 of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” is in the books and—drumroll please—this viewer’s verdict is in: this show’s a keeper! Some critics laid in to the show for its early-season slowness and unlikable and unintelligent characters, but, in the end, the series proved it has what it needs to succeed.

I was one of those faultfinders who thought the show didn’t get off to a fast enough start. Rick Grimes and the gang spoiled me by setting such a high standard with the original “Walking Dead.”

I realize now that if we’re going to explore the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse—which “Fear the Walking Dead” said it would do all along—we can’t expect things to happen so quickly. Societal collapse, I imagine, would be more of a gradual than instantaneous process.

There were flashes of greatness in the first five “Fear the Walking Dead” episodes, but mostly poofs of mediocrity that made me to wonder if I would tune in for another season. The season finale, however, brought the story to a tipping point that not only hooked me, but has me anxious to see what’s coming next.

Zombies on the sea? Way cool!

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