Mystery solved!

Good ideas often come like a rainbow — full of color and promise.

There’s been a mystery in my life that’s gone unsolved and has perplexed me a great deal over the years — until earlier this week.

Have you ever noticed the showering of good ideas that come while you’re … um, well … showering? I figure I’m not alone in this observation; there are products on the market that cater to this phenomenon.

For years, I’ve received good ideas that disappeared somewhere between turning the water off and being near a pen and paper. When a good idea first arrived in the shower, I’d tell myself, “That’s a great idea! I’ll write it down when I get a chance.” You guessed it, I’d forget and the chance to write it down was often missed.

But this is not a post about how to capture those thoughts, it’s about why they seem to come most abundantly during shower time.

Get to the point, Martinez!

Okay, here’s the answer to this perplexing occurrence: good ideas come while we’re showering because — aside from when we’re unconscious and sleeping — it’s the only time of the day that we’re not distracted.

Think about it, when else are you 100 percent alone with your thoughts and without distractions? Smartphones, TV, music, computers, family, friends, work, etc., all demand a piece of our attention throughout a typical day and can disrupt the good-idea pipeline.

This epiphany has caused me to wonder that maybe, just maybe, if I carved out uninterrupted and undistracted time during my day, the good ideas might flow again! I’m happy to report that preliminary research has shown that it works!

This realization ties in nicely to a previous post in which I encouraged us all to find a way to be alone with our thoughts for at least 10 minutes a day. It’s a good habit to get into and will surprise you what comes as a result.

If you can’t find 10 minutes to be alone with your thoughts in a day, then take another shower!

And buy a shower notepad.


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