Words to live – and die – by

Do you think there’s palm trees in the afterlife?

If you’re like most people, you believe there’s another life after we die and pass from this one. Most religions teach this fundamental tenet, and most of us believe it — whether we practice a religion or not.

Just look at the sentiments expressed by well wishers to those who have lost a loved one. They usually include comments such as, “Your dad is watching over you from a better place,” or, “God has gained another angel with the passing of your mom.” Whatever the sentiment, it often makes at least an inference to life after death.

People are usually quick to offer condolences like these when a friend or family member loses a loved one, but I wonder if we give much thought to what such comments mean when it comes to ourselves. If we believe what we say when we offer comforting statements like this, that means that some day, we’re going to go to the next life — this life after death.

Stop for a moment and consider what that means.

What awaits us in the next life? Who will we meet there? God? Allah? Family members?

What do you think will happen there? Will whoever we report to or reunite with be pleased with the way we’ve lived our lives and carried their name?

Self assessment time.

If you believe in a Higher Being, what will He/She think of your life? Can you say right now that the life you’re leading is one loved ones who’ve gone on before would be proud of and that your Higher Being will smile on you for?

These are tough questions, but questions we’ll all have to answer some time, so why not now?

If you were to die tomorrow, would you be able to say to yourself that you’ve done good with your life? Have you learned from your mistakes and tried to travel on a road that takes you above them? Have you treated others with kindness and compassion?

The good news is that most of us won’t die tomorrow, which means we have at least another day to improve, to change and to strive for higher ground. The question is, will we take advantage of the days we have left and better prepare ourselves to meet our Maker and those who have gone on before us?

It’s a good resolve to make.


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