Another year of Father’s Day musings

The offspring, not The Offspring.

This year is my twenty-eighth Father’s Day from the father’s side of the celebration. I haven’t been able to commemorate it from the son’s side since 2007. I miss my dad and look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Last year, I compiled a list of musings about fatherhood that expressed how I felt about some of the questions, challenges, and experiences I’ve had as the father of four children. This year, I’m adding to that list.

More insights, understandings, recollections, and yet-to-be-answered questions I’ve gathered along the way since becoming a father on August 1, 1991—and the nine months prior to that.

  • How is it that my son’s son, though just an infant, can have such a powerful and loving effect on my heart and soul?
  • The transition from son’s girlfriend to daughter-in-law to mother of my grandson is an amazing and inspiring metamorphosis to witness.
  • Watching my son become a father is a humbling and touching experience that continues to give through recollections and remembrances of what it was like to be in his position.
  • It’s amazing how much joy a weekly visit of just a few hours from a son who’s flown the coop can bring into my heart and home.
  • I’m grateful that an adult son’s struggles include seeking advice, help, and guidance from this old dad.
  • As I see how much daughters-in-law can love my sons, it makes me realize my wife did a pretty good job raising them—and that our daughters-in-law are very patient.
  • Though she can drive on her own and is stretching her wings to fly, my little girl will always be my little girl.
  • Who hit the “speed up” button on the progression of time?
  • Where’s the “slow down” button?
  • Dan Fogelberg wrote “Leader of the Band” to torment sons.
  • How is it that seeing my son’s byline has become more exciting and fulfilling than seeing my own?
  • A son’s success at work somehow feels as if I’ve succeeded at his job.
  • Watching a son share his musical gift with the world makes me feel as if my wife and I have hit a good note.
  • The teenage years make every hug, kiss goodnight, smile, and giggle even more special.
  • Regular Sunday dinner visits bring a warm feeling into our lives.
  • Only 45 days until I get to hold my grandson again.

Hoping for much love and happiness for your Father’s Day.

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