Censuring (peer) censorship

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There’s been a lot of talk about social media censorship lately. In late May, President Trump issued the Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship, a declaration that has no legal effect—yet.

I’m not here to argue the Executive Order’s vices and virtues. I’ll leave that to the scholars and pundits. I am here, however, to talk about an accepted form of censorship that seems to be growing.Read More »

Trump the intolerance, it’s time to change

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Are you tired of the disunity that’s pervasive in our nation today? I am and hope you are because the time to sit on the sidelines of this conflict—the conflict between what’s good and decent and what’s vile and hateful—is over. It’s time for those of us who’ve been quietly witnessing the disintegration of our bond as citizens of the United States of America to speak up and say something.

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