Me, thinking of what to write next.

Heidi Doxey, a writer friend of mine, shared an article last week that sometimes sums up my attitude toward writing. In a nutshell, I occasionally wonder why I bother. I have no delusions that people are waiting for my next blog post or article, or that they’re even reading them. I understand that the majority of people who read my blog posts are 1) family members, 2) friends/acquaintances, or 3) lost. And I’m okay with that.Read More »

The good, the better, and the best reasons to serve

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We live in a service-oriented society. We use our time, skills, and experience to serve our employers and/or clients. We use our time, skills, and experience to serve our family and friends. We use our time, skills, and experience to help strangers improve their lives or to find relief from difficult situations. Some people are even required to give service, usually as punishment for crimes or violations. What matters most is not how we serve, but why.

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