Who are your heroes?


My wife and I were on a date night in 2006 when we learned about NBC’s “Heroes,” a superhero-based show that wound up lasting four seasons. The show got off to a strong start in its first season, but was crippled by the writers’ strike of 2007-08, and never recovered. I stuck with the show as it hobbled along after the strike ended, hoping it would regain its composure and become a good show again. It didn’t and NBC cancelled it in 2010.Read More »

What’s your story? Why getting to know each other is a good thing

Host Todd Hansen interviews one of many everyday people on BYUtv’s “The Story Trek.” (used by permission of Todd Hansen)

“What’s your story, Martinez??!!”

I figured the coach’s question was motivated by something I’d done wrong and not because he wanted to get to know me better. My failure to pick up the backside linebacker or something or another was the “story” he was wondering about so intensely.Read More »

A sad winter tale in the summer


Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of a college football playoff. While yesteryears’ BCS bashing and post-New Year’s Day debating about who should be named the national champion was fun, I yearned for the clarity and closure a playoff would bring. In 2014, the NCAA finally implemented a college football playoff, a four-team, single-elimination playoff format that’s not without fault, mind you, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. It’s surely better than what’s been used in the past.

So, there I was, on Jan. 12, 2015, ready to Read More »